Break In At The Daycare

After a long day at work, Joseph rattled the thick glass door of the daycare center. It didn’t budge. He pushed the keys into his jacket pocket and made sure his backpack was with him. He got into his car and left for home.

At around midnight he got a call from the police that his daycare center was broken into. Someone had thrown a huge rock into the glass door and grabbed whatever they could and got away.

A wave of panic and helplessness rose over him.

“We have insurance, don’t we?” his wife asked him.

“Of course, also I never leave any valuables in there. I have to replace the glass door.I have all the money and checks with me here in the backpack. I also have my laptop.” He rummaged through the backpack.

“Wait a minute. Where is my laptop?” he asked himself.

The daycare was a mess. The security alarm didn’t give the thieves much time to grab anything. It was after all daycare center. Besides walls pasted with masterpieces hand created by three year olds there wasn’t much to take. Except for the carelessly misplaced laptop.

Joseph explained to the police that the laptop was old, fully backed up and insured.While his wife was out shopping for a newer better laptop, Joseph’s main concern was to replace the broken door so that the children feel safe when they return from school.

There was so much more Joseph lost that evening than a glass door and an old laptop. The laptop had all the names of the children and their parents, their email addresses, their phone numbers, their home addresses, their office addresses, the time they wont be home and other information that burglars crave for. That laptop was a roster for criminals to do their deed.

What happened here is a type of data breach. While the children were not in any present danger, one can never guess what lies ahead.

Joseph made sure all the parents were informed about the break-in. The parents treated it as a break-in. But the real danger is the data breach.

Unfortunately, data breaches are hard to prevent. Especially in a situation like this.The best way to protect yourself and your children in a situation like this is to make a few amends.

1. Install a security system at home.If you haven’t already done that, now may be a good time to do it.

2. Change your passwords.Make your passwords hard to guess. Use a combination alphanumeric and symbol based passwords. Never use your date of birth or other numbers in your password.

3. Reinforce the list of trusted people to your children.With their information out there it is easy for nefarious minded people to lure children out when they are not paying attention. Remind your children never to go with strangers no matter how much information they share about the child, their parents or themselves.
4. If you’re unsure if you have been affected by this breach, or any other data breach,you can check out, which allows you to search for usernames and emails that have been exposed in a data breach.

5. As a precaution never reveal more information than needed. It is ok to ask why they need a certain piece information about you or your child. It is best not to shareSocial Security numbers unless it is mandatory.
Criminals will stop at nothing to make a few bucks. Unfortunately the dark web has a thriving industry for stolen information. To protect your identity, invest in a reliable identity theft protection service. Identity Protection Elite comes with cyber monitoring, a 24 x 7 x 365 service that will immediately notify you if something doesn’t look right. If your identity is stolen, a team of experts will work with you to get your identity reinstated and save you the trouble of going through the rigors of fixing your identity.

As in all cases, it is always better stay aware of new threats and the evolving crime landscape.For all your online security needs Security has you covered.

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